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What is the effect of Covid 19 pandemic on us small producers?

When the virus hit the United Kingdom,

our wholesale side of the business literally collapsed. All the years we spent on building wholesale custom up - it vanished in a second.

One of the results is that we have a great availability of Baronet & Mini Baronet cheeses in stock. The other result is that our cash flow is drying up.

One of our every day tasks is to look after them and keep the quality to its highest.

Fresh cheeses are available continuously, so is our hard cheese, Bybrook.

The longer we mature Bybrook the better it gets with its depth of flavour.

Our wholesalers have to make a few changes as well to maintain business and sell what they already had in stock. As you can imagine, it’s a challenging time for all. Their customers - restaurants, hotels, venues have all stopped or have converted their business into take away food and delivering ready meals.

Please support us by buying our top-notch cheeses so that hard work & craftsmanship that went into every piece of cheese can result in every each one of them being enjoyed.

We would also hate to see it being wasted.

Hence we are offering 30% off our Baronet & Mini Baronet: that is cheaper than any retailer, online store can offer.

Shop now at

Until next time

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