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Welcome 2023!

Happy New Year

our dear customers!

I genuinely don't like changes and as a direct result of that I am resentful toward anything new and unknown.

So most people are happy to celebrate the end of the year - I used to think it's just another day.

I have never made an effort to celebrate it - in fact I celebrated all year around with friends and families when I was younger but the last day of the year was about pj's, movies, games and chilling out.

Of course reality hits you the next day when you meet up with people and exchange wishes for the New Year.

These days we run a business that tradition demands we carry on, just as we are recharging from the busiest time of the year.

But now children are getting older, parents aren't getting any younger, and all of a sudden missing people. Missing spending time with them.

So if anything, this year is going to be about finding balance between work and life with family and friends.

We have been busy working, busy filling in for others & busy doing everything at work and at the end of the year, we were too exhausted to truly enjoy the holidays, or spend time with families and friends.

What is life without family, friends around you?!

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday


have a happy & healthy

New Year !

Until next time

P.S. Please feel free to comment below about your experience of ending a year and beginning another one.

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