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Wasabi Pearl on the lunch table

We decided to have a picnic lunch in the garden under the parasol.

We emptied the cold cuts from the fridge onto the middle of the garden table and it's a case of help yourself ! Which is often the best way to go about things. Even if you have little to share it does make you feel like you are getting plenty of choice.

Kim calls it 'un embarras du choix'.

The rain shower that came halfway through was just a minor inconvenience.

Our picnic included Old Cheese Room Wasabi Pearl and Medleys, honey-roast smoked salmon, coleslaw, spring onions and lovely locally baked white bread from Mr Pastry Creative Baking from Corsham.

Sometimes that is all you need an effortless quick and simple lunch.

Wasabi Pearl is on available on our website - it is moderately hot & spicy. It is lovely on a BBQ with burgers, sausages, or over a grilled mushroom. It is almost perfect with smoked salmon and what can I say? It is perfect on a nice piece of steak .

Here is the link for the website to find out more

Until next time

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