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Tonight’s cheeseboard

We have (clockwise ) Bybrook, Wasabi Pearl on an Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sea Salt cracker, Chive crackers laid out, Mini Baronet and Wild Garlic Spread in the middle.

I will let you know that we don’t have a cheese board on the table at home every day, though I guess we do have a piece or two of cheese hanging around on the kitchen counter.

We are all getting used to our new regime and trying to make the most of it - and now, for the first time, today I felt a sense of normality sneaking into our day.

And speaking to customers in the last few days, we’ve now established the need for making more cheese. We’ve been wrapping up a few orders for local customers, and for wholesale.

Chatting with local customers, talking over why we do what we do, why we charge the price we do for our cheeses - it makes you realise how great it is making cheese and making customers happy with your product. Well, our cheeses are here and they’re all available for everyone.

This day felt like any other day before the panedemic .

One mustn’t forget to appreciate that.

Hope you all enjoying our products or, if not, that you can‘t wait to try them.

Thank you 🙏🙏

Until next time

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