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The word: local

It is a simple word yet it has such a powerful meaning. Especially now.

It keeps popping up in advertisements, in conversations and in a lot of things.

Now is the time to think about local producers, local farmers, local food, local cheese, local services, local businesses, local groceries, local areas, local people. The list is endless.

A crisis like that which has been brought on us people forces us to remember, to shift our focus from boredom, less important matters and meaningless worries onto necessities, onto things that matters in day to day life. We don’t know what will be coming after these difficult times, we don`t know anything about the future. But we can assess the past and adapt to the current times.

The one thing we know is the present.

So let me grab the moment and thank you for the kind, encouraging messages, thank you for sharing our posts and getting the words out there about us. Most of all thank you for all the orders that you have placed in the past few hours. We shall be spending tomorrow and Saturday on delivering our lovingly made cheeses to you.

Hope you will enjoy them

Until next time

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