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Smoked cheese - Medleys

It's not everyone`s cup of tea, but being a Hungarian smoking food is part of our food culture.

However smoking this cheese wasn`t our idea - it came from one of our local pubs.

Rob Allcock, chef at The Longs Arms in South Wraxall is known for his smokery and smoking all kinds of food. So we went with his recommendation and tried it.

A young Mini Baronet which has not been washed is smoked over

an apple- and oak- wood mixture for 8 hours. That turns it into 'Medleys'.

`Medleys` has a lovely smokiness yet still also that lovely creamy texture. Medleys are pretty large, averaging 300g each.

It is delicious with a Burger on the BBQ, but to be honest we just really enjoy it with a slice of apple or on its own. It is truly moreish !

It's smoked in small batches, so grab it before it goes - whether it`s a special treat for Daddy or it`s part of a cheese board, a picnic or a BBQ .

Available on the website for local deliveries or nationwide. Link follows below:

Until next time

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