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SALE is ON - this weekend only

I could not bring myself to call it ‘Black Friday Sale’.

But really that is what’s behind this Sale.

It is a perfect opportunity to try our cheeses - that is if you have not yet. It is also a bargain .

I am personally not a fan of sales.

I prefer to shop for my favourites and when they happen to be on sale I am over-the-moon happy. Just like a kid. I guess that part of me has never grown up.

But it feels quite nice to show our appreciation towards you lovely people who do appreciate our cheeses.

So here is this wonderful chance to purchase some cheese ( any ) for 20% less !

Why not indulge a little?

coupon code : BEFORE XMAS SALE

ONLY lasts for this weekend.

Happy shopping!

Until next time

#sale #thisweekend #20%off #lovecheese #bargain #blackfridaysale #🧀 #loveshopping

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