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Pistachio Butter Cake with Jersey Curd & Jersey Cream Icing

Pistachio Butter Cake with Jersey Curd & Jersey Cream Icing.

Originally, the recipe calls for Marzipan Icing. It’s my take on Skye McAlpine’s recipe from ‘A Table for Friends’ cookbook.

What made me use Jersey Curd and Jersey Cream is that I simply didn’t have marzipan nor mascarpone which is what the original recipe is calling for.

I also used our Natural Live Yoghurt in the cake batter - it’s simply a delicious cake!

My littlest one came down just because she smelled the cake baking & she didn’t go back to sleep until she and all of us had a slice - so here we are at 10 pm 🤗

Delicious pistachios are from @pistachioprovenance on the top and in the batter.

Jersey curd mixed in with Jersey cream are a great substitute for Mascarpone - if you ever wonder what to use 🤗

Jersey Curd & Natural Live Yoghurt are available online at :

or drop us an email at :

Until next time

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