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Pancake for breakfast

Did someone say pancake for breakfast? A treat for breakfast? Well, we have just that with Jersey Curd, egg yolk, icing sugar and lemon zest filling.

It’s not a school holiday now but one of the advantages of home schooling and working from home is to create your own schedule.

Me and my lovely husband cooked a lot during the Holidays and having to stay at home is just giving us another chance to enjoy the planning of meals, selecting recipes and cooking while we do various other things. So we are pretty grateful for that.

People who know us they also know we love cooking with cheese as well as enjoy it on its own.

This classic filling for pancakes is a traditional Hungarian recipe. National dish on the dessert menu anywhere you eat in Hungary.

What Jersey Curd adds to this is the beautiful creaminess, silky texture and the natural lemony acidity. It can be enjoyed as breakfast or a dessert after a main course.

Jersey curd combined with egg yolk gives that smooth texture. Add a bit of sweetness from the icing sugar and a touch more zestiness from the grated lemon zest mixed in to the mixture. The remainder of the lemon zest goes for the final presentation.

Jersey Curd available on our website or

I will be selling it at Stroud Farmers’ market this Saturday.

Until next time

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