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New cheese - Culpeper

Meet ‘Culpeper’ - named after the 17th century English botanist, herbalist , physician and astrologer Nicholas Culpeper. 🎉 He was quite a character which makes him a great match to our little beaut.

It’s a small round Jersey milk cheese, rolled in herbs and mould-ripened (geotrichum). It has a fresh herby taste while young, and gathers interesting flavours as it ages.

The name was suggested by our Home Farm Herd Manager’s - wife Linda Newland.

Culpeper was born from us having oversized Lypiatt cheeses, which we had to cut to size so that they wouldn’t mature differently.

The question was: what shall we do with the surplus cuts?

We mixed them together and hand rolled this little gem.

We started off with Herbes de Provence, which we soon changed to a mixture of English herbs.

It is available now, here on the website :

You won’t be disappointed! 🙂🙃

Until next time


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