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Mushrooms with Lypiatt cheese on Toasted Sourdough

One of my favourite French classics this is - of course originally it calls for chévre. And garlic rubbed on the toast as it comes out of the oven - but I changed it around a bit.

First toast the sourdough slices with a touch of olive oil, but instead of rubbing them with garlic, place slices of Lypiatt on the toast and grill for a few minutes longer. It’s a nice touch for the texture & flavour of the cheese.

I sautéed the mushrooms with fresh thyme ( from our garden ) and some onions and leeks, reduced with vermouth - but it’s equally delicious with a splash of white wine left over from the previous night. Season with salt and green/black peppercorns and place mushroom mixture on top of the grilled sourdough with Lypiatt cheese and some fresh chives to decorate (again from our garden).

We polished it off in one go.

Can’t go wrong with this one!

It’s quick, flavoursome and we also got to use up bits of Lypiatt cheese left by the side in the kitchen, which we had enjoyed nibbling at over the weekend.

Lypiatt is available here on the website :


check out The Cotswold Cheese Co. in the Cotswolds, The Fine Cheese Co. in Bath, L’affinage du Fromage in Gloustershire, Country Cheeses in Devon, The Cheese Man in Brighton, La Fromagerie and The Cheese Bar’s cheese shop Funk in London and keep your eyes pilled for Paxton & Whitfield’s cheese counters.

Until next time


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