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Lypiatt cheese in salad dish

Lypiatt cheese made it on to the latest episode of Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 television .

As part of a celebration of 5 British Lockdown born cheeses.

If you missed it, it is available on BBC iPlayer. Link follows below:

Though Michelin-starred chef Tom Brown compared Lypiatt to a giant Baby Bel, it became clear that he really loved it - in fact his favourite of the five cheeses. He described the experience of enjoying Lypiatts in one go, as you would with a Baby Bel. No need for cooking as it is the kind of cheese you would enjoy on its own.

Totally agree with that, however if you have a left over piece of Lypiatt & it may became slightly drier keeping it - or you don‘t fancy yet another cheese board - here is what you can do:

Serve slivers of Lypiatt in a lovely salad with (new season) English asparagus, local free range boiled eggs, crispy smoked bacon (optional), cherry tomatoes and some green leaves like rocket or watercress.

Season it with walnut oil, ground green peppercorns and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. An optional squeeze of lemon goes well too.

We utterly enjoyed this for our Sunday brunch.

Until next time


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