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Lypiatt cheese

Well, we cannot find certain records of the origin of the name "Lypiatt", but here is what I have been told: the name came from a European who rented the hunting grounds and it was then spelled Lypiatte. But then there is this tree (pictured) at Neston Park which is reputed to be one of the few remaining trees of the ancient Melksham Forest which was a Royal Medieval hunting ground. One can only assume there was some kind of relation - or not. There is also the village of Lypiatt near Stroud in Gloucestershire.

The Neston Estate certainly has a field named Lypiatt, and the name of the cheese is related to that Lypiatt. Great Lypiatt Farm also comes under the umbrella of the estate.

Many of you know that my background in cheese making was in goat milk cheeses. We are talking about 7 years working with various cheese makers. I have been always hugely fond of chevre like Piper`s Pyramid, Sofia, Valencay, Tymsboro`, Farleigh Wallop and now Sinodun Hill .

I made most of these cheeses and enjoyed them after that from time to time. Starting a business with Jersey cow`s put the thought out of my mind of making something like that. Until my husband started playing around with a recipe and made it happen.

So here is Lypiatt made from Organic Jersey cow`s milk, charcoaled, and is matured for at least 2 and a half weeks allowing Geotricum to grow - resulting in a wrinkly rind - and its creamy texture which must be the result of the delicious milk.

Some of you may have tasted it by now. Truth be told, I have been always known for being a bit heavy handed when it comes to salting the cheese. You see, I am a great believer in sea salt bringing out the flavour of whatever you chose to sprinkle it on. So excuse us if it is time to time saltier - when the cows move from Spring/Summer diet onto their Autumn/Winter one (or vice versa) we need to adjust the level of salt to the speed of drainage in relation to the size of the cheese. That can be tricky at times. We are getting the hang of it and assure you depending on the season you will get to enjoy the creaminess and lightness that comes in Spring/Summer, or the denseness of the cheese the rest of the year.

Hope you get to enjoy Lypiatt sometime - there is so much care involved in making of it.

It is available on our website as an individual cheese at


available as half a Lypiatt in our May Special -Taster Box

Until next time

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