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Jersey Curd in cooking

Without realising my morning part of the day was gone so I panicked - what’s for lunch?

It may sound bad like I take it for granted but I turn to Hungarian cuisine when I am in need to come up with something instantly . So I remembered my favourite childhood dish from my gran’s - Túrós Csusza. It’s cow’s curd with pasta.

It’s a national dish in Hungary and you can find it from the finest hungarian restaurants to everyday kitchen.

My grandma always made her pasta fresh, we always had lardon from butchering our homegrown own pig once a year and the cow’s curd came from an elder lady nearby who had a cow and she sold the milk and cow’s curd in the surroundings.

I made the very same dish using our own Jersey Curd with some Waitrose lardons and pasta. The recipe calls for sour cream - no surprise there - but I used yoghurt.

Here is the recipe for a simple, quick, Hungarian nutritious dish with Jersey Curd:

Jersey Curd with pasta - Túrós Csusza


250 g pasta - linguine is great but it really works with any type.

2 tbsp sour cream or yoghurt

100g lardon

2 tbsp olive oil or 30g lard (which I prefer for flavour )

Salt, pepper


Brown your lardons in the meantime cook your pasta.

Drain your pasta and set aside your lardons. Use the lard to drizzle your pasta with so it won’t stick together.

Warm up your dish you going to serve your pasta with water from cooking your pasta. Then transfer your pasta into the dish. Stir in Jersey Curd and a slightly warmed yoghurt. Season your dish then sprinkle your brown lardons on the top and serve it instantly.

It is such a delightful meal. Easy hardly any effort yet so much flavour.

Jersey Curd is available in two sizes on the website at


Happy cooking.

Until next time

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