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Grab & Go Cheese Shopping

It’s not my favoured way of shopping but taking consideration of changes in shopping habits in the current circumstances - we feel like all of us are being encouraged & directed toward ‘grab & go’ kind of purchasing.

It is what made me start thinking about buying individual cheeses (not cut cheeses): they are a quick and easy way of purchasing, “grab and go”. As a matter of fact the customer is getting a much better value for their money and their cheeses represent a whole & ‘individual’ expression of the cheese. It’s the perfect way of serving cheese to company, whether that is two people or a bunch. Just think about it - all you need is a plate and a knife, you slice a piece off and you can see the cheese as a whole inside & out as a centre piece of the table. Individual cheeses tend to keep better and longer depending on how they have been looked after.

Also you can ‘dress them up‘ whether it’s choice of baguette, fresh fruit, dry fruit, pickle for cheese or pairing it with a choice of your favourite drink.

I am a big fan of Kentucky Bourbon so we always try to have a bottle or two stashed away in the bar. On this ocassion we have Four Roses Single Barrel aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon to enjoy.

It’s lovely on the rocks or for ladies probably a better bet is to fix up a delish Old Fashioned. Which is what I did.

Going back to individual cheeses, we are promoting Medleys and Mini Baronet this month & next.

We picked up another lot of our smoked Medleys today, it happens to be the perfect complement to Bourbon/Old Fashioned.

The lovely vanilla and toffee flavour of the Bourbon is balanced nicely with the lightly smoked cheese and its creaminess. It can be treated as an appetiser however it’s equally great served after dinner.

Medleys is also deliciously gooey when it’s melted so you imagine a yum burger or grated on grilled lettuces. Just a few ideas only - the list is endless how you can enjoy it.

We are offering 20% off Medleys during the months of June & July.

Available on our website :

Another individual cheese on offer is Mini Baronet with 20% off for the same period.

It‘s creamy, rich with the taste of delicious pastures, bringing you the whole farmyard experience.

Available from here :

Mini Baronet is delish baked in the oven - stuffed with some garlic, pepper corns, salt flakes, rosemary and sprinkled with your choice of drink - white wine for us, to be precise. Equally yum on a slice of baguette or grilled sourdough spread with crunchy peanut butter.

And Ham & Cheese toastie is a lovely combo.

The offers are for the months of June and July, but act quick while the nicely ripened stock lasts.

Until next time

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