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Further Update on Baronet cheese recall

Updated: Mar 24

Following a further decision made by EHO under directions by the Food Standards Agency, we are recalling additional stock of Baronet – these are:

· Batch 22/12 with Best before 22/3/2023,

· Batch 04/11 with BBD 04/04/23

· Batch 10/01 with BBD 10/04/2023.

Please do not eat any of this cheese.

Please inform us what you have left of the above and return it to us. If there is none left, please inform us whether you have had a complaint or issue regarding them. The best email to contact us on for this is:

This is a precaution and response after batch 10/01 (with 10/4/23 best before date) was re-tested and came back positive on the second round showing Listeria Monocytogenes. This is a batch that originally was tested by Environmental Health on their annual visit that came back clear and satisfactory but at retesting, the same batch on 9/3/23 showed Listeria Monocytogenes. We received this result on the afternoon of 20th March 2021.

Please note that none of our other cheeses have been affected by this.

Baronet in any size has not been made since 1st March 2023. At the moment, we can’t confirm availability going forward. We have not been told not to make Baronet by any authorities, however it seems a sensible decision not to make any, until we have found the source of the issue.

As a responsible cheesemaker we carry out regular cleaning, disinfecting and swab testing of our making and ripening rooms. We have now changed our monthly testing regime to positive release, this that we test every batch of cheese before it leaves our premises.

Please call us on 07531 060936 or the people you bought it from and a refund will be arranged.

For press/media enquiries please contact Toby Hampton on +44 (0)7909 983864 and 

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