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Festive Cheeses

We have prepared two Christmas cheese boxes to select from for this Christmas - hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the preparation.

For us a Christmas Cheese Board should look simple but clear and outstanding. Hope that is what you see coming through from ours.

The best way to garnish around your Christmas cheese board is just one or two of your favourite complement like All-butter Spelt Crackers and Fig & Apple relish for us. Candles are essential for the Festive mood and holly is the most wonderful presentation of a simple yet outstanding Christmas decoration. We gathered spiky holly at Neston Estate, the rounded leaves come from a tree in our garden.

We think you have got to have a cheese as the centrepiece of the table then you build around it. Let your imagination flow and go with it. Dont be afraid - there is no right or wrong, only the way you prefer to present your Festive Cheese or cheeses.

Here is the way we did it:

So we simplified our selection we offer.

You are of course welcome to make your own box up by selecting the individual cheeses and we dress and price the box for Christmas.

You can choose from the following two Festive Cheese Boxes:

Baronet Festive

Learn more about it below:

Festive Cheese Board

Learn more about it below:

Gift Voucher

It is the perfect stocking filler.

Learn about more below:

Keep checking back on our Christmas selection as we are planning to make some lovely wine and port available with our cheeses from a local Wine Shop.

Delivery and last order details are in description of each box.

Hope we hear from you.

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