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Enjoying Wild Garlic different ways

We had linguine with Wild Garlic leaves, Jersey Curd and pine kernels for Sunday lunch.

Karim foraged the leaves from Neston Park and all we did was to chop them up finely.

Then stirred our Jersey Curd into the drained pasta, mixed in the wild garlic leaves and sprinkled with some pine kernels. It is always a pleasant experience as the wild garlic leaves are tender as is their flavour on the palate.

Sad to think the season won’t last forever and soon Wild Garlic Spread will not be in our repertoire.

While Wild Garlic leaves can be picked, our related products are available :

Wild Garlic Spread

Wild Garlic Spread can be found in the following cheese selection boxes :

Fresh Cheese Selection

Picnic Cheese Selection - while Mini Baronet is available - only a few left

Neston Park Cheeseboard

‘Half a Baronet’ is on Special for a week - - buy half a Baronet and we will include a pot of Jersey curd - 200g at no cost.

Mini Baronet has a limited availability until the 18th May which is when the new batch - made after the shock & adaptation of the pandemic - will be available.

Have we ever mentioned that making Baronet / Mini Baronet takes a few hours in the day ?

Maturing then however takes at least 3 weeks of looking after every single one of them. It means we turn them on the racks so the weight distributes equally, moisture comes out on each side and the cheeses breath thoroughly.

They are washed rind cheeses so they washed in a brine solution for two weeks, every day, which results in the lovely peachy rind of Baronet.

Baronet large is still on Special


we are happy to deliver locally for free or post it for a wee fee at check out.

Special offers are valid until 28th April.

Until next time

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