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Easter is around the corner

In normal years, this holiday would be another working day for us. In this strange, illusory atmosphere with Covid 19 affecting everyday life - yet still the sun is shining - we can enjoy a pot of tea in the garden and we all have something to look forward to. Something to celebrate. But this is the first year for us in nearly 9 years running this business that we actually are planning to celebrate Easter on the day.

We got some lovely surprises from our neighbours who run a lovely gift shop in Corsham and got some local chocolate for the kiddies from a local chocolatier. As for we adults, we are going with the ‘picnic in the garden’ idea who we took from one of our happy customer. This year they choose cheese over Easter eggs to surprise their loved ones and each other, planning on enjoying them during a picnic in their garden.

So it made us thinking what would we chose.

We both agreed on Wasabi Pearl which is a perfect complement to smoked salmon and a slice of home made sourdough.

Then we would have some crackers out to go with Mini Baronet & Bybrook. This Easter is calling for a bubbly, we got from a friend from a French champagne maker.

Wild Garlic Spread should not be left out as it is the promise of Spring. Spring and Easter go together naturally.

As for a treat we are going to make some Fruit Scones and serve it with Jersey Curd and some fresh Strawberries or a jar of strawberry jam from the pantry.

I believe this little write up calls for an `Easter Cheese board` as an additional selection to order from our website or why not go ahead and chose your favorite cheeses to make your own cheese board for Easter.

Check out our selection here:

Until next time

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