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Cooking a classic again

And again...

I don’t know about you people but when I cook a dish it never tastes the same on the second, third, fourth time around.

We could say it is a great thing because one never gets bored of the same dish or we can get slightly disheartened by it.

I am with the first choice.

I find myself leaving something out usually - I am a purist when it comes to cooking.

I like to find the original recipe for the dish from its origin or someone who has been cooking it for generations.

I also like to pull in two or three more recipes of the same dish until I put my own stamp on the recipe.

This is exactly what happened with Tartiflette recipe .

l found an old recipe from a Reblochon maker’s website few years ago

and vóilá!

What really grabbed my attention is that there was no fat added to the dish and the cream was optional.

I love this version for its simplicity and few ingredients but it’s packed with flavour nevertheless .

My husband usually buys a pack of Charlotte potatoes - it’s texture is the best variety for the Savoyard potatoes. Slice them up an inch tick.

One medium sized red onion - chopped small.

A pack of lardons - usually 400g .

A few garlic cloves, chopped thick slices.

Place all this in a medium high heated skillet and cover it, stirring it occasionally until it starts sticking to the pan.

That is when I pour my ( whatever available ) glass of white wine into the dish and cook it off slightly reducing the heat.

Make sure you generously season it with black pepper and sea salt.

Cut the Mini Baronet horizontally in two halves then place them onto the top of your dish .

Depending on how many people you cook for, a Mini Baronet is usually ample for two people. Half a Baronet ( cutting size ) serves 4 people and you would double your quantities on your ingredients.

Cook it for 35-40 minutes in a preheated oven on 200 Celsius in the middle.

Serve it with some lovely gherkins, or mixture of fresh salad leaves. Make sure you have a slice of bread or a bit of a baguette to clean your plate or dish with.

Serving suggestion on wine is a white from the Savoie region something like

Domaine Bruno Lupin Frangy Roussette de Savoie 2017

or an Alsace

Pinot Blanc Auxerrois, Domaine Albert Mann 2018 or we just love a bottle of Tokaj Furmint .

These are the wines we tried and enjoyed witt Tartiflette - I am sure there are many more .

Do comment below if you have a wine preference with the dish - I would love to try some new (to us) wine .

I like to use the same wine in my cooking what I chose to enjoy with the meal. However sometimes we have a bottle of white what we didn’t finish previous night then I just use that one up.

There is nothing I dislike more than seeing a nice bottle of wine wasted.

Hope you find this recipe useful - Baronet is available three sizes - a kilo, 260g and 200g - on this webpage.

And, last but not the least, Baronet is particularly good in Tartiflette as the milk that goes into the cheese is coming from Organic Jersey cow’s milk. That delicious milk comes from cow’s who have been been grazing on the lush pastures of Neston Park for generations, on Wiltshire farmland that borders the Cotswolds.

Their milk is high in protein and fat which gives the effect of your dish, that has been laced with jersey cream. But what you actually have got is Baronet cheese - it‘s creamy on its own .

Hope you get around making it one day and enjoy this recipe as much as we do .

Until next time


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