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Cheese for a treat

I had a little tasting session at work today with the team on shift. We came across this selection which we all enjoyed very much, but we thought one cheese was slightly out of character. It was Lypiatt. 

You have probably heard us describing Lypiatt as a geo-mould-ripened, French-style cheese, that looks just like a chévre but which finishes with a dollop of creaminess.


We are now the season where the grass has been grazed down, and of course the diet of the cows slightly changes as they transition to their winter diet. That resulted in the curds draining faster at moulding/pouring.  I had also changed the salting regime which resulted in blue mould growing.


Blue mould on the surface in mould-ripened cheeses is different from Penicillin Roqueforti, which usually grows in blue cheeses like Stilton, Roquefort etc.


It is edible but it results in a stronger flavour in the rind and throughout the cheese.


We usually sell Lypiatt cheese young, around 10-12 days old. 


This particular batch is on offer is delicious but different. The change is coming from a blue mould-ripened look, longer maturation,  and definitely could be mistaken with a goat cheese in look as well as in flavour. We matured this one for 28 days which still means a good month of shelf life left in the cheese.


It has got a kick, stronger profile and the creaminess turns into some form of densness.


We are pairing it up with Culpeper, Jersey Curd and a good wedge of Baronet.


It has turned into a lovely selection, simply based on our taste buds and preferences on the day we tasted some batches of cheese made.


Not that we are much into politics but with the current climate and another new Prime Minister we wanted to offer a special deal which puts a smile on everyone's face.


Not to mention Halloween is around the corner.


So for all the above reasons and because we love October the most in this Autumn season, we are putting these four cheeses on the website for £20.


The offer is available now until orders placed by 1st November. See delivery or collection details in the details of the Cheese for Treat selection box.


Why not treat yourself?


The Old Cheese Room team

Until next time

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