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A small appetizer before dinner

Here it goes (clockwise): Bybrook, Lypiatt and Medleys with ‘Pálinka’.

We Hungarians drink our spirit before the meal. This bottle was made from my grandfather’s apricots on his farm probably a good 5 years ago. It’s about 50% alcohol. No surprise that in my family back in Hungary this spirit is made from plum, apricot and grapes. It is ‘the’ spirit in our home bar and the first one appears when someone is visiting. It’s lovely with fruits and cheese.

The pálinka cuts through the smokiness of the Medleys. Fig is a lovely complement to the lactic chèvre style Lypiatt, and Bybrook goes well with both Pálinka and peaches because of its Emmental sweetness and earthy nuttiness.

Until next time

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