The July Cheese Box

Enjoy Our Summer Table Cheese Board & 10% off

Since you can't come to us... we'll bring it to you...

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Honest, Wholesome, Local Cheese

Lay your hands on our restaurant-standard, award-winning cheese, even if we sadly can't welcome you to Neston Park (it's worth the journey!)


We've made our three most popular cheeses available in this ideal combination for an after-dinner treat, or as the perfect artisan collection for your fridge. 


Cheese with a story to tell. Its origin is right here at Neston Park- Organic Jersey cow's milk from the lush Wiltshire pastures. 


We are a husband & wife artisan cheesemaking business, originally supplying restaurants and shops, we can now be your local cheesemonger, too.


Sensibly priced- it's honest, handcrafted and award-winning cheese without an outlandish price tag. Perfect as a gift to yourself or the family, or to a cheese-loving friend. 



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Truffle Pearl

Now this is a treat... hand rolled 100g fresh jersey curd mixed with fine Italian black minced Truffle.


Fresh, 'Chevre'-style, mould ripened cheese made with buttery rich organic Jersey milk. Intensely creamy with a pleasing density and a slight saltiness. Featured on BBC's 'Saturday Kitchen' on 1st May this year!

and Mini Baronet

Our best-seller; silky, creamy with a beautiful texture. A rich, buttery, semi-soft cheese with a washed rind, washed & matured over 4 weeks.


And just for you

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